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First, a little background


Pat Blackwell worked for 11 years at West Bloomfield's Temple Israel where she handled a variety of responsibilities as the Building Manager. She was recognized by clergy and staff as being ready and willing to jump in to handle just about anything in a professional manner. As a compassionate person workiPat Blackwellng with families celebrating joyous occasions, she observed a common thread - despite the happiness surrounding the events, the families were usually stressed by the myriad of small details on the day of their event. At the same time, the families took notice of her work ethic, can-do attitude and attention to detail. Soon, families began asking the temple if they could "borrow" Pat to assist them by attending to the details on the day of their event. The temple was happy to oblige. Guests at the parties noticed the positive impact of the "Red Coat Lady" and wanted her services when it was their turn to host a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. Before long she was asked asked to provide services for weddings also.

In 1994, Pat officially formed Party Assurance to provide her services for bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and weddings across the Metro Detroit area. Before long, the demand was so great that Pat recruited other Red Coat Ladies to join the team.

"I started Party Assurance to help people enjoy the amazing parties that they had worked so hard to plan. It is tremendously gratifying to help people week after week. I have the best job in the whole world, and the best clients, too."

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for your referrals and repeat business. I look forward to helping your friends enjoy their parties, too.

About our team

The Party Assurance team is comprised of a core of about 14 "Red Coat Ladies." Each was personally recruited and trained by Pat. Each team member is expected to provide the same attention to detail and handling of any situation for any event.

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Our philosophy

We believe that every party we manage marks a special event in the lives of those involved. It is our privilege to provide services to proactively plan and prepare for whatever it takes to assure that everything runs smoothly. We understand the stresses that our clients face over the myriad of details and decisions that need to be responded to. We are action oriented, yet tactful.

If you didn't already know about Party Assurance, just ask any of our past clients. They'll tell you why they wouldn't think of having another event without our Red Coat Ladies.