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10 biggest mistakes brides make

on their wedding day… and how we help you avoid them

Party Assurance gently but firmly guides you through the day’s events and details to make everything run EVEN BETTER than you anticipated.  Ask yourself if you would have anticipated these and if you would have been prepared to handle them. And then ask, if you did have to handle them, would that have impacted your enjoyment of the event. Our clients would be glad to tell you how our services helped them get the most out of their event.


10 mistakes brides make
on their wedding day

And how the Red Coat Ladies
can help you avoid them

1 Failing to create a detailed wedding day timeline for bridal party, family & contractors. The Red Coat Ladies walk you through the process of creating a comprehensive timeline to ensure your special day is exactly as you dreamed it would be.
2 Not communicating who will be responsible for hair and makeup expenses. Your Red Coat Ladies are wedding experts guide you through critical decisions in advance so you can avoid the hurt feelings that arise from poor communication.
3 Not having a written plan or shot list for wedding portraits. Long before the wedding, we help you create a detailed shot list. At the wedding, Red Coat Ladies gently, but firmly, keep you and your family on schedule to ensure all the images you desire are captured.
4 Not preparing a wedding day emergency kit. Accidents happen! The Red Coat Ladies are prepared with a Wedding Day Emergency Kit equipped to handle any crisis.
5 Not having a master copy of vows, readings or toasts readily available. The Red Coat Ladies carry duplicate copies of all of your important speeches and make sure they are in the right place at the right time.
6 Failing to bring the critical items needed for the ceremony, e.g. rings, license, candles, programs. Red Coat Ladies have extensive checklists that include all potential items you will need for your ceremony and reception. Our service includes transporting your precious items to the venue so nothing is forgotten.
7 Not having an accurate master seating chart with table assignments and place cards. Red Coat Ladies check and double-check your floor plan, seating chart and place cards to avoid embarrassments at seating time.
8 Failing to communicate special dietary requests to the caterer. Red Coat Ladies use the proven systems we have developed to make sure that all special dietary requests are clearly identified and communicated to the caterer in advance.
9 Failing to prepare tips and payments, for the vendors who work to make your day memorable. Red Coat Ladies provide you with guidelines for customary gratuities. We can also distribute checks and tips to your contractors so that you don’t have to leave the dance floor.
10 Designating a family member or close friend as your Go-To person and expecting them to handle the inevitable crisis, when they would rather be enjoying the celebration with you. Your dedicated Red Coat Ladies are there to manage the details behind the scenes and to ensure that your family and friends fully enjoy the celebration.
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