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The role of the Red Coat Ladies at your event is to advocate for your needs with each of your contractors. Our facilitation assures that every contractor is able to deliver their highest quality service. The contractors we work with also recognize that our collaboration helps them put their best foot forward.  Here's what some of them have to say about us.

More kudos for Tiffany from  Rondo String Quartet...

Tiffany - We had the pleasure of playing for the Mayer/Wolf wedding on 11/14/15 at the Planterra Conservatory.  What a beautiful set-up!  Thank-you again for all of your help.  It is always wonderful to work with you!  We look forward to working with you again soon. More about the event in this Rondo String Quartet blog posting.
Lisa, Allison, Jessica, Kim -- Rondo String Quartet

Allison, Jessica, Kim, and Lisa of Rondo String Quartet wrote...

We had the pleasure of working with Tiffany of Party Assurance for Karine and Christopher's wedding at Planterra Conservatory on August 7th.  You were a tremendous help and we wanted to send a special thank you!

Brian Masserman, Masserman Photography, assures us...

Masserman-Photography-logo-290x69I've worked with The Red Coat Ladies for 15 years! I know the party will run smooth and without a hitch with these professionals. They are well prepared and very organized. I know that my job as the photographer will always run smooth with the assistance of these well prepared professionals. They are a great investment for your event. I ASSURE you of that! -- February 2015

Kellie Saunders, Kellie Saunders Weddings & Portraits, has this...

kellie-saunders-photographer-logoWhenever I have a client who has hired Party Assurance I know that the event will be well thought out, perfectly planned and organized, and flawlessly executed. You make sure your clients understand event timing and how much time they really need for the little things including the in-between time to actually move from room to room with set up. You also never forget the vendors and the reason our clients hired us. You make sure we have enough time to produce quality work so we can do the job we were hired to do. Truthfully your team has the clients best interest at heart and it shows. Hands down, Party Assurance is one of the very best wedding planning companies out there. I've seen your staff work on the front line and behind the scenes and always 100% of the time you are professional and always 100% of the time you are working on behalf of your clients. Your staff has always gone above and beyond for clients and I've seen this at every event I've worked with you.

Thank you! My clients love your company and I love your company. You may not hear from other vendors often - but we all say you are the BEST. I hope to work with you many more times in the future and will always tell my clients about your services.

Perry Joseph, Newsmaker, wants you to know...Newsmaker

Having performed at over 1000 events and weddings with Newsmaker, when I walk in and see Pat or one of the Red Coat Ladies I breathe a whole lot easier. Their attention to detail for the client as well as vendors is unmatched in the industry. Always upbeat, professional, extremely efficient and a joy to work with. Some of the best money you'll spend on your BIG DAY!  - April 2014

Wendy Rogelle, Nouveaute Band, said this...Nouveaute Band

I'm so thrilled to endorse Pat Blackwell and her company, Party Assurance, as a wonderful choice for the success of any party or event.  Her meticulous attention to detail, her knowledge of the needs of both client and fellow vendors is unmatched. - It's always a relief to know that the Red Coat Ladies are in the building!  - January 2014

Ron Lieberman, Lieberman Photography, says...Lieberman Photography

When Pat Blackwell named her company “Party Assurance” she hit the nail right on the head.  When my clients hire Party Assurance I know that EVERYTHING will run as smoothly as possible. Having a client who will not have to worry about so many of the details makes a happy client and happy clients are the best to photograph and to work for.

Gay & Marcy Ribits, Twig & Berries Event Design, say...

Twig & Berries Event Design

If you have never used a service like what Party Assurance provides, you will be amazed at everything they manage to handle during your event.  We set up events every weekend, we see functions where the Party Assurance ladies have been and there is a world of difference in an event where these ladies are working. Pat Blackwell customizes her services for every clients needs and through her impeccable attention to details and long held experience in this industry, she is the one professionals recommend to their clients.  We love knowing Party Assurance is at one of our events. They make everything better!

Sonia Lee, Professional Violinist, said...

Sonia Lee, Professional ViolinistPat Blackwell, Director of Party Assurance, has the most impressive highest standard in the business. Her attention to detail, organization and most of all professionalism is comforting. When you see a Red Coat Lady at the venue, you know that everything will run efficiently! I am so happy to endorse Party Assurance!

Iva Harrison, Owner, Affairs to Remember, writes...

Affairs to RememberParty Assurance is the your go-to team of professional ladies for any event that you want to enjoy and not have to worry about the details and any last minute crisis that may arise. I have been working with Pat and her team for over five years and refer her to all my clients. I only wish I had known her when our daughter got married. I too, could have enjoyed that special day instead of running here and there trying to sort everything out. I was exhausted. We always know if Party Assurance is taking care of an event our job just got better, knowing it will be an awesome event!!

Marla Spaulding, Private Events Manager, Tam-O-Shanter Country Club, shared this...

Tam-O-Shanter Country ClubAt Tam-O-Shanter Country Club we are proud to say that we provide 100 percent first class service, food and amenities with absolutely no need for any outside assistance.  Our dedicated management, culinary team and service staff offer everything you could possibly need to ensure a perfect event. However... Party Assurance, enthusiastically headed by Pat Blackwell and  her team of professionals are always a welcome addition to our operation.  There are countless chores and responsibilities beyond the walls of Tam-O-Shanter that a party host has to deal with, and Pat, along with the benefit of her guidance and expertise, will simply whisk them away so that you can be spared some of the stress and “schlepping” that can keep you from fully enjoying your pre-celebration journey.  I am a huge fan! Kudos to Pat and her team!

Blaine Siesser, Blaine Siesser Photography, says...

Blaine Siesser Photography

Pat and her team are some of the best day-of coordinators in Detroit. They have the perfect wedding day plan down to a science. I'd call them a 100% professional and dependable vendor.  They are a vendor that is has been established and proven again and again for almost 20 years. They are a team I would refer with complete confidence. I've seen them handle any and every wedding day adversity with ease, confidence, and a calm assurance that all is going to work out perfectly. Hire Pat and her team with confidence.

Fifty Amp FuseSteve Trudell, Manager, Fifty Amp Fuse, said...

Working with Pat and her team is always a pleasure. They do a fantastic job of anticipating the needs of both clients and vendors, and ensure that all are met. Their organizational skills and attention to detail are truly superb!


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